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Schengen Area Access Via Greece’s Golden Visa Real Estate Investment Program


* The “golden visa”, offered by Greece, gives access to countries in the Schengen Area. This access is sought by nationals of certain non-European countries, most notably China, but also nationals of South Korea, Russia, Iran, etc.

* Greece’s “golden visa” program is the least expensive and most generous, requiring only a €250,000 (net) investment in real estate plus legal and other fees

* The visa is valid for 5 years and renewable repeatedly for another 5.

* Purchasing individual properties for €250,000 is not always practical. Quality of property would be quite inferior, and the "headaches" (and expense) of future management would be tremendous

* Our program is addressed specifically to those who want to participate for the primary reason of obtaining the visa rather than actively investing in Greek real estate

*  The visa can be obtained in your home country, with only a visit to the Athens airport for the visa to be launched. No need for unnecessary travel

* Visa applies to investor, his/her spouse, any dependent children under 21 and parents of investor and spouse, specifically adult parents

*  The Golden Visa team will acquire  large, significant properties and seek investors for those properties. This investment alone is sufficient to achieve the visa for the family

* The properties are all of excellent quality and good value in the belief and expectation that the value will be retained and substantially increased over a 10-year period

* The properties will not require any additional investment of any kind during the visa period. This includes all taxes, operating costs and absolutely no additional fees. Once granted the visa, the immigrant will not face any uncertainty

* We have the complete network (immigration lawyers, real estate lawyers, notaries, tax accountants, connections with the relevant authorities including the embassy in Beijing, etc.) to be able to provide a smooth closing of the real estate purchase as well as smooth and expedited obtaining of the visa for all the family members. This is important as Greece is not a very organized country and one needs very proper guidance and

assistance in order to interact with the authorities

* The timeframe to be granted a visa is very short, as little as 6 weeks, which is far more easy than any other nation offering such a program.

*  The Golden Visa team can and will accomplish all the steps f



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