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Property Producing Vineyard and Olive Grove

Short Overview


one of the largest remaining agricultural parcels in Attica (Athens Province) strategically located close to the international airport.

Producing Vineyard and Olive Grove

tremendous potential for future development


 Situated at the City of Spata, in the province of  Attica, Greece, northeast and in close proximity to the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, of the city of Athens. 

Lot Area: 67,800 sq. meters, aprox. 17 acres 

Fully enclosed and  fenced,  with concrete wall one meter high and iron fence another meter high. 

Adjoining to a main access road (local main avenue).   Surrounded  by four local farm dirt roads. Close to airport's freeway access. 

Vines (red):12.000 Merlot vines planted in 2009 and 2010 (planted French style) with full irrigation.

Vines (white):  6.000 "Savatiano" vines planted in 2015 (planted for bush style) with full irrigation.

Olive Trees:  200 olive trees, the variety  is Greek, named "Koroneiki" great for production of virgin olive oil.   (110 trees  are 20-25 years old and rest trees from 50-250 years old, one is  400 years old, and one 1000 years old). All are irrigated. 

In 2016 an additional 50 olive trees were planted (5-10 years old). All irrigated. 

Pomegranate trees: 75 trees. All irrigated

Cypress trees: Planted 690 cypress trees in 2007 on the north side of the lot for wind protection. 

Building: an unfinished 85 sq. meter construction exists on the property and could be finished and used as an office or house. 

Building possibility: Should one wish to change the use from agricultural a building of 4,000sqm could be built.

Decorative: A decorative 2.5 meter high old Spanish storage pot is placed in the south-eastern section of the "savvatiano" vines. 

Electricity:  installed 

Water: Two natural water wells and three drilled wells


Head Quarters:
30 Wildwood Drive, Greenwich,
CT 06830, USA

Eleftheriou Venizelou 104,
17675 Kallithea Athens, Greece

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